Post-Conflict Recovery

Post-Conflict Recovery: Building Urbanized Villages in Darfur

Since its inception in 2011, Malam Darfur Peace and Development was looking to establish an initiative based on deeper insight and better understanding of the conflict dynamics in the region, and its long lasting damages. MDPD’s vision was not just focusing on peace building and reconciliation efforts- although they remain among our top priorities-, but also on envisioning a complete economic recovery initiative to build urbanized villages that accelerate the transformation in the post conflict phase. MDPD understands that the challenges faced by post conflict areas are more serious in several aspects than those faced by poor but peaceful developing countries, these changes include the severely weekend infrastructure, destroyed physical, human and social capital and distorted economic incentives in addition to the widespread poverty and limited resources. MDPD’s post conflict recovery is meant to employ a comprehensive strategy to establish the conditions for self-sustaining economic growth and human development, it’s largely designed around understanding of the indigenous drivers of recovery, mobilizing local resources, employing local citizens and providing basic infrastructures that could easily change the category of those villages to a much more urbanized schemes.