Women Empowerment Project

Women Empowerment Project


Within the framework of a partnership with Potential Energy (a US-based organization) Malam Darfur began a project to enable women to distribute thousands of specialized stoves that help the integrity of the environment and the forests’ wealth. Stoves have been distributed in Malam and some areas in South Darfur state in the framework of a plan to distribute three thousand stoves in South Darfur state during the year 2014.

Animal breeding

The organization also launched the first phase of a project to fight poverty through providing poor families with cattle ownership. Thirty families have been provided so far and work is underway to add another seventy family for a total of 100 families for the first phase.


Leadership recognition

The organization has also started a project to honor local women leaders, which follows a yearly tradition of honoring women who have made a difference in peoples’ lives.