Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment Project


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Within the framework of a partnership with Potential Energy (a US-based organization) Malam Darfur began a project to enable women to distribute thousands of specialized stoves that help the integrity of the environment and the forests’ wealth. Stoves have been distributed in Malam and some areas in South Darfur state in the framework of a plan to distribute three thousand stoves in South Darfur state during the year 2014.


Animal breeding

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The organization also launched the first phase of a project to fight poverty through providing poor families with cattle ownership. Thirty families have been provided so far and work is underway to add another seventy family for a total of 100 families for the first phase.

Leadership recognition

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The organization has also started a project to honor local women leaders, which follows a yearly tradition of honoring women who have made a difference in peoples’ lives.



Empowering the women in the city of Al-Malam is key for promoting peace, economic growth, and advancing development and social justice. Women are agents of change thus should be active in polity and have equal access to services such as health, education, and employment within their community.

Our project aims at helping more than 1000 women of Al-Malam by enhancing their household income and educating them about their legal rights.  We also aim ate offering business training to build women’s confidence on their ability to play a bigger role in enhancing their livelihood of their household and community.

Once families income is adequate, they will be able to send their children to school.

Women’s Leadership and Capacity Building

We will focus on best practices in addressing challenges such as maternal health, food security, sexual violence and barriers to women’s economic, legal and political empowerment, as well as to their participation in peace building.

Furthermore, the project focuses on eliminating gender disparities in education, abolishing hunger, and improving child and maternal health.  Educated women and girls are better able to make informed choices about family planning, nutrition, health, and education.

Empowering Entrepreneurial Women: How to Start and Run a Successful Business

We seek to develop a vocational training center in the city of Al-Malam that offers basic training in literacy, numeracy and business management skills. The training center also serves as a central location for administering and monitoring the development of project supervisors (trainers). By the end of the project, Al-Malam Darfur Peace and Development will fully equip the center with appropriate low-maintenance tools to facilitate hands-on training and activities.

Village savings and loans groups allow women to manage their money in a simple way so they can set up businesses in the fields of trade that include livestock, baking, coffee shops, grocery stores and small restaurants.

Al-Malam Darfur Peace and Development is seeking to provide leadership opportunities that encourage women to participate in local committees through highly ranking leadership coaching, literacy training, business training, organizational mobilization and market access, enabling women entrepreneurs to sell their goods in the l community.

Identifying Gender-Based violence and understanding the women’s rights

Every Woman deserves the right to live in peace, to have access to adequate healthcare, food, education, and stable income. No woman should be deprived from exercising her citizen duties or reaching her potential. Al-Malam Darfur Peace and Development is seeking to Promote and protect the human rights of women through the full implementation of all human rights instruments.