Youth Background


The most devastated population affected by the war in Darfur is undoubtedly the youth of region. Since the outbreak of conflict in 2003, almost an entire generation has gone without any sort of formal education or training. Hundreds of thousands of youth living in displaced persons’ camps have no way of supporting themselves and are unemployed. This key demographic group needs to be supported through training workshops that will help them sustain their livelihoods.

This project aims to train the youth of the region on how to develop their professional and trade skills by providing them basic trainings. The first training will focus around blacksmithing, where the youth will use tools for metal cutting to make furniture, doors, windows, roofs and to learn electric welding. The second training will focus around carpentry, which will train them on how to use woodworking machinery to make furniture and other wooden materials. The third training will focus around construction and will train the youth on how to utilize and implement various construction methods. This project aims to help four groups of approximately 200 young people between the ages of 18 and 35.


Cost: $21,045/project 
Full cost: $84,180 (three projects)